Houses and Renting in the Austin area is Getting Expensive

english homework helpWith the economy still lagging, interest rates down, and unemployment still hovering around  12.5-13% in the Austin metro area it’s no surprise that homes are still available so this is good if you are in the market to buy a home. Not to mention that we have some exclusive deals with builders where they are giving our clients this coming week blowout deals to unload 2-3 homes.  We have been doing some creative things to move our clients homes faster such as affordable low cost upgrades that really have made a difference (kitchen, bath – that kind of thing). We will bring in one of our interior designers to scope out the possibilities, if needed.

Now renting has been red hot especially in the Cedar Park area. There are still a few nice (oh yeah, I scrutinize the heck out of the places) apartment complexes that are giving good deals like the 1BR, brand new, $1349 special we have on our home page this week with granite upgrades. This same place has a fantastic exercise room for those that need to stay looking fit and trim.

I love a challenge. Are you looking for anything unique?

About the Author: Cynthia Villasenor is an Austin Area Realtor with over 20 years of experience. She has won various customer service awards and helped over 5,000 families find homes and apartments. She would love to help you find your next home (condo or apartment) and is never too busy for a referral.

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